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Business Spotlight: Shawna Schneider, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Anyone who knows Shawna Schneider has a clear view of her heart and passion for what she does. If you don't know her I'm here to provide a little insight on this Pink Cadillac driving Mary Kay Cosmetics Sales Director.

Shawna Schneider has been building her Mary Kay businesses for 43 years, if you ask her she'll mention how strange this is because she's only in her 40s which is easy to believe when you see her (a slight nod to the products). She has earned the use of the illustrious Mary Kay Pink Cadillac since 1995 and before that was driving other colored career cars offered by Mary Kay since 1984. That's a lot of years of driving without a car payment.

Shawna has the privilege of teaching women how to take care of their skin, and apply cosmetics. She also offers you the tools to make your life look different if you choose to pursue Mary Kay for some extra spending money or the ability to quit your 9-5. Shawna's team spans 15 states and did over half a million dollars in sales just last year.

Shawna mentions what a joy it is having her home base in Caldwell, and appreciates all of her loyal customers in the Caldwell community and those that span far and wide. You all make a big difference to a small business owner. If you're looking for a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Shawna would love to help you! You can find her on Facebook or by searching her name on the Mary Kay website!


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