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Health Services

When Caldwell was founded medical practices were less sophisticated and less effective than they have now become. Ether gave way to gas that gave way to Pentothal, and that, too, has evolved. Old timers remember tincture of violet, mercurochrome, and iodine as the disinfectant medicine for cuts and scrapes.
Now, Caldwell has a brand new hospital complete with modern equipment, outstanding doctors and medical staff, an astute board of directors, a superb administrative staff, and a supportive community.

Tele-medicine is available for emergency consultation through St. Francis Via Christi. We currently doing oncology consults with IATV (Interactive Television). In our ongoing effort to support children, the Tele-Kid Care Program has been implemented. Our fine physicians work with the school nurse and patients. We are fortunate to be one of the few small hospitals in the country to have this program.

We think that we have prepared well to continue to progress in the 21st century and new millennium, just as we have from the first hospital in 1933 on Osage Street to the one in the 40s, 50s, and 60s on Main Street, and moving from our South Osage hospital to our present location east of town.



Caldwell Regional Medical Center


761 W 175th St S


Caldwell Family Clinic

Whitney Newberry, APRN

Jennifer Love, APRN

761 W 175th St S


Caldwell Regional Medical Center

761 W 175th St S

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Caldwell Dental Clinic

Harold Small, DDS

3 S. Main 1-620-845-6417

Caldwell Pharmacy

7 N. Main 1-620-845-6916
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Wrist Brace
Police Cars
Caldwell Volunteer Fire Department

Scott York, Fire Chief

14 W. Central Ave.


Rebekah Rickstrew, Police Chief

14 W. Central Ave.




Sumner County Sheriff Department

Courthouse Wellington, Kansas


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