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Caldwell – The Border Queen

A rags-to- riches story with the grit, innovation, and perseverance of brave frontiersmen is the story of Caldwell.  Through 15 decades of hard work, success and strife, ups and downs, Caldwell is again reinventing herself to remain the regional hub for the Kansas-Oklahoma border area between Wichita and OKC.  Built on industrialism and entrepreneurism, the town was born on beef, switching to grains as hard red winter wheat was grown all over the country.  


Caldwell maintains the spirit of the Border Queen in her congeniality and hard working citizens; always ready to lend a helping hand.  Health & Safety is still a priority as we provide a county hospital, ambulance/EMT, clinic, pharmacy, dental services along with local police and volunteer fire department that serves many outlying township areas.  With excellent schools, grocery, restaurants, gig-speed fiber to every home and business, Caldwell is gaining new residents looking for a quiet, safe community with all the basic needs met, from retiring Boomers to young Millennials. 


With a new swimming pool breaking ground, a cool coffee shop and small shops opening downtown, the surrounding beautiful Red Hills, rivers, and recreational activities, creating a life for raising a family or creating a business can and do happen here.  Caldwell is truly in the middle of everywhere:  Wichita’s airport is 55 minutes away; OKC and Tulsa are less than 2 hours drive.

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Ghost Riders Silhouettes

The silhouettes are located 2 miles South of Caldwell astride the authentic Chisholm Trail along US 81 highway.  It took hundreds of volunteer labor, land, and donations to complete in 1995.


The "Ghosts" will forever remind us of the great cattle drives, 1866-1886, when millions of Texas longhorn cattle passed here on their way to legendary railheads, like Caldwell, Kansas. So life-like is the scene, observers are certain they have noticed both dust and sounds coming from the bluff area.

Ghost riders of the Chisholm Trail copy.

The trail, established by Native American tribes and made famous by Jesse Chisholm, helped in the settlement of the Old West by providing a travel and communication link to the Indian Territory, present day Oklahoma. The history of the Chisholm Trail, the Cherokee Strip, and early Caldwell can be enjoyed by exploring the many markers located in Caldwell's historic Cowtown District.

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