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Business Spotlight: Half Pint Acres

Half Pint Acres is a Caldwell farm that is truly a labor of love. Syndi and Chelsea are known for their love of animals, creativity, and unending work ethic. What started as a way to be more self-sufficient with a few goats has grown and blossomed into so much more. From the more common offerings such as chicken and duck eggs to some of the most unique flavor blends of goat cheese, there is something for everyone!

The farm is home to LaMancha dairy goats, the only American breed of dairy goat, who have extremely sweet personalities. If you haven’t met them yet, you are missing out! A flock of American Blackberry sheep frequently has guests intrigued with their beautiful coats and impressive horn racks. Don’t let the big intimidating rams scare you off, they enjoy nose scratches and cookies! Ivy, Briar, and Imrie are the resident Jersey dairy cows. When you are purchasing fresh cow milk, you have these hard-working girls to thank! Salome is the littlest cow on the farm; currently, a 4-month-old Miniature Zebu heifer will join the milking herd as soon as she is old enough. She loves cuddling with cats and chances are high you will find a pile of kittens with her in her house if it rains! Some of the first critters you will see at the farm entrance is the herd of horses that share the front pasture. From retired seniors to retired racehorses, everyone ends up with a favorite by the time they leave! If the big horses are too intimidating, there are two miniature horses that might be more your stride!

The animals are definitely the heart of the farm, but you can’t ignore the other facets. Farm fresh products include goat and cow milk, eggs, cheese, Cajeta (a caramel sauce made from goat milk), fresh lamb and poultry, and so much more. For the chefs, an array of sea salts and seasoning blends may be just what you are looking to add to your arsenal. Goat milk soap and lotion are popular choices for men and women, there are multiple scents, but they all feature the benefits of goat milk and moisturizing oils. Equestrian products and other items for home and body care are also customer favorites! Custom scents and even custom products can be made tailored just to you.

If you think farm life sounds busy, step into the wood shop! Syndi’s talents shine through when it comes to creating wooden masterpieces. From charcuterie boards to dressers to custom dining sets, the sky is the limit! Specializing in reclaimed lumber, every piece tells a story and has its own unique character. If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, Rekindled Woodworks also offers laser engraving. Engraving can offer further customization to your wood orders or you can order other incredible pieces! Slate and cork coasters are one of the most popular choices, plus they feature beautiful handmade wooden holders. Not sure what design you want? No problem! Chelsea covers all graphic design and is happy to make something just for you!

In addition to their own pack of dogs, it’s not uncommon to see lots of other pups at the farm! Chelsea is a professional dog groomer with 10 years of experience who offers services for all breeds and sizes! She even has several feline clients and is happy to offer grooming for exotics and pocket pets as well. From nail trims to full grooming packages and add-ons such as blueberry facials to reduce tear stains, deep conditioning treatments, and teeth brushing, they can guarantee your pet will be as loved as theirs!

Located just outside of town, Syndi and Chelsea love calling Caldwell home and are thrilled to have a place for their businesses to thrive!


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