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Business Spotlight: Flowers Plus

Business Spotlight: Flowers Plus

Flowers Plus has been locally owned by Lucinda Wood since she purchased “The Greenhouse” from Marian Williams in 1985. She’s just as busy as she was in 1985, but you would never know it, she always appears cool as a cucumber making beautiful arrangements for every occasion, that everyone enjoys.

Flowers Plus has live plants and flowers for special events, but also boasts a large amount of unique, creative home décor some of which she hand makes herself, and Kansas Sourced items, something which Lucinda is very proud of. When I asked Lucinda what she’d like to mention in her spotlight, she paused thoughtfully and then mentioned her handmade "Twisted Beads" crosses. You see, these crosses have a wonderful backstory, one Lucinda wanted me to share with you. Lucinda makes each cross with reclaimed materials, no 2 are alike with the exception of one thing. As Lucinda was carefully piecing together the materials on one of her very first crosses she noticed a bare spot. All right-brainers know that bare spots are unacceptable. Looking to fill the void she glanced around her worktable and there; as if it was meant to be, was a heart. She placed it in the bare spot, and then the cross was complete. The heart is now a staple shape on her crosses many years later. These handmade, repurposed crosses can be found at her local shop in Caldwell or on the turnpike at the Kansas Store at the Travel Center.

Flowers Plus also has T-Shirts, Border Queen Coffee, and handmade Caldwell pottery as well as the Caldwell candles which Lucinda graciously displays for the Chamber and Caldwell Art Brigade.

Lucinda’s love for Caldwell, her passion for creating, and her eye for repurposing have made Flowers Plus a must-stop spot in Caldwell.

You can stop into Flowers Plus at 8 S Main Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays from 10 am-4 pm. She’s also open during special events in town including Stroll the Streets coming up this Thursday!


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