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Business Spotlight: Caldwell Ag Resources

If you drive around the curves on Ave G, you'll notice a flurry of activity at the once vacant plant. This is the home of Caldwell Ag Resources, owned by Bryan Nispel. Bryan has over 20 years of experience working with farmers to identify their needs and providing honest, and accurate services. Over those years he's enjoyed developing relationships with his friends and customers based on good communication and friendly hometown service. When Bryan started Caldwell Ag Resources it was an easy choice to support him based on those qualities.

Bryan employs 2-6 local people depending upon the time of year. He looks forward to growing and expanding service offerings based on the needs of his customers. Bryan is grateful for the trust placed in him over the past 3 years and will work hard to continue earning that trust.

The main services provided are Ag spraying, field scouting for bugs, weeds, and disease, fertilizer, and chemical sales, and application. Caldwell Ag Resources are always working to provide fair, quality service to customers new and old. You can reach Caldwell Ag Resources by calling Bryan at 620-402-4030.


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