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Business Spotlight: Bluff Creek Distillery & 18 Acres Lounge

Established in 2021, Bluff Creek Distillery has seen a huge evolution just within the year they’ve been open. BCD shortened for space's sake, started off with just a few varieties of liquor for sale by the bottle. BCD quickly began experimenting with flavoring profiles to fill the demand for those with a particular palette. Jumping feet first with their toolbelt close behind is something the Mayo’s are used to. They saw a great opportunity to expand their business after offering tastings and their customers wanted more.

Tracie and Nick spent some time combining their two spaces into one and the 18 acres lounge was born. Jumping through the liquor law hoops they are now Caldwell’s first-ever micro distillery offering a set drink menu consisting of their locally sourced, locally made whiskey blends and beer. You read that right, practically everything in BCD is sourced from Caldwell, be it the corn and wheat for the mash to the lumber for the bar owners Nick and Tracie Mayo are proud to support the Caldwell Merchants.

Some perks you can look forward to if you stop into BCD and the 18 Acres Lounge are college and professional football on the TV, special themed drinks that coincide with special events or holidays in town, their seasonal outdoor patio, or their merchandise which includes shirts, tumblers, koozies, hats and more featuring new designs from Pressed Ink just up the street!

Bluff Creek Distillery and the 18 Acres Lounge are open Wednesday through Saturday from 3 PM- 2 AM and are located at 16 S Main. Stop in and pay them a visit and like their page on Facebook to stay up to date, because if this past year has taught me anything, it’s that they ALWAYS have something new up their sleeves!


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