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Caldwell Farm Repair is February's Business of the Month

February’s Business of the month is Caldwell Farm Repair owned by Bryce and Leah Sommerhoff located at 17 E 1st Ave!  Caldwell Farm Repair was nominated by someone that is happy to see such a large building being put to good use.  The old John Deere building had sat empty of a business for many years, and it’s nice to see the comings and goings of different large machinery.”

Caldwell Farm Repair was established in 2014, quickly outgrowing the Green Rd location Bryce made the move to the City  by purchasing the “John Deere” building in 2019. The larger space allows them to work on multiple pieces of equipment at a time.   He has a wonderful team that help service and repair everything under the sun and a vast knowledge of parts, and a mind for trouble shooting.   Caldwell Farm Repair is an authorized dealer for Abilene Machine, Tiger Lights, Napa, and AP Air.


Caldwell Farm Repair services a wide area, with 2 fully equipped service trucks that help get the job done.  I’m slightly partial to the Caldwell Farm Repair team, but favoritism aside this group is very deserving.  They work extremely hard to get their farmers up and going as quick as possible and get them the best bang for their buck doing so.  

If you stop into the East shop you’re likely to bump into Jared and Art and might even get a chance run in with Service Manager Otto when he’s not taking a nap or at Pre-K, and of course the shop dog Hank will likely be snoozing on the office couch. 

We appreciate CFR for bringing outside dollars into the community, and most importantly investing into a huge property that otherwise sat empty! 

If you’re in the market for a diesel mechanic, or someone to peek at a piece of equipment that just isn’t quite up to snuff swing in and let the guys at Caldwell Farm Repair help you out Or give Bryce a call at 620-845-4246. 


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