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Business Spotlight: Caldwell Pharmacy

The next step to health is the Caldwell Pharmacy. Caldwell Pharmacy offers its patrons ease of mind knowing that experts are looking out for their well-being when they may not be up to it, or able. They carry a wide variety of products to help with allergies, pain relief, first aid, upset stomach, oral health, and baby care. If there is something they do not have in stock, they would be delighted to see if it is something they can order for you. Utilizing the Pharmacy’s med sync program will line up all medications turning multiple trips into one care-free exchange. The Pharmacy also offers a bubble pack service, in place of a prescription bottle, which allows patrons to visually follow their personal medication regimen.

To make obtaining prescriptions more convenient, the Pharmacy offers free delivery to patrons that live within a 30-mile radius of Caldwell. If you live outside of the 30-mile radius, they would be happy to mail your prescriptions to you through the post office. A curbside service is also an option.

The Caldwell Pharmacy understands that insurance is a constant headache for most of their patients, they accept most insurance plans and will assist patients if a problem arises with their insurance plan and an ordered prescription.

Caldwell Pharmacy knows that the heartbeat of its facility is the community in which they serve. With this in mind, they partner with Caldwell Schools by providing free school supplies for the USD 360 students at the annual back-to-school bash, as well as promoting local businesses within their walls by carrying a variety of items from local makers.

Keep your medicine local by going down and seeing the girls at the Caldwell Pharmacy for all of your prescription needs.

Pictured: Maci Dvorak, Kaityn Lee, Karissa Bratcher, Andrea "Pudd" Arnett


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