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Border Queen Museum

5 South Main

For information call

Caldwell Historical Society 620-845-2975 or 620-845-2928

Country School Museum

Springdale Rd just north of 120th S. Rd.
Listed in the State Register 11/19/2011

The Belleview School was built in 1894 for school purposes and closed as a school in 1956. At this time it was sold to the Caldwell Township for $1.  It was used as a Belleview Community Club for a while and also used as a polling place in the 1960s.  2010 the school was sold to Mike and Valerie Brunhoeber for $50 and moved to be later part of the Country School Museum!! 

The Spring Creek school was built for School Purposes in 1904. The outhouses and coal shed were built in 1917. The school closed in 1947 and also was used as the Spring Creek Community Club for many many more years!  Until it fell victum to vandization.  After lots of deteriation, Mike and Valerie Brunhoeber took it upon themselves to move it to the Country School Museum April 5th 2016 with the help of some funds donated by the Spring Creek Community Club to be used soley for saving this neat peice of history!  First of all a metal roof was applied as quickly as possible. The north wall needed the entire lower half reframed and resided. Some replacement wainscoating was put in to replace some badly rotted stuff too.  Plaster was removed and it was re-sheetrocked for sanitary reasons. Woodwork was all stripped and restained to its original beauty!!!  Step inside and you will see the beauty we saw in the project after lots and lots and lots of HARD work!!

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